The 3 month mark.

It’s weird to think that I’ve been here for at least 3 months now. During this time I have met some really cool people, with a few of them close enough that we can hang out a couple of times a week. A couple of weeks ago there was a 6 day EPIK Teachers orientation. At the orientation I got to meet many more people from around my area. It was pretty sweet. Of course it wasn’t all fun (part of the fun being eating fresh chopped octopus) there was quite a bit of information being packed into the 6 day orientation that I’m still recovering from.

As I’ve been teaching (and learning on the job) I’ve come to realize that middle school boys EVERYWHERE are the same. haha, same attitude and everything. There are just some days that I absolutely regret choosing to teach middle school, especially when I hear all the other people talk about how amazing their high school classes (or lackthereof) are, I also now have a general idea of how I (and much of my classmates)  made my french teachers feel when we had to learn french. There are days that I just want to bang my head against many hard or sharp objects in frustration. And there are other times where it is just absolutely incredible (usually in the amazing classes where EVERYONE participates…but that happens like once every 3 weeks…or month). I’ve wanted to give up and just mail it in, I’ve wanted to just yell at the boys and lecture them about taking this more seriously…especially because so many of them have dreams of becoming international business men (I teach at an all boys middle school) or want to travel outside of Korea and go to English speaking countries.

My winter break is coming up in about two months, I’m really looking forward to that. Actually I’m really looking forward to the snow, oddly enough. I remember in Canada I couldn’t wait for the snow to melt but now I can’t wait for the snow to come. It’ll be a little taste of home. Winter break should be fun as well, the plan is to go to Hong Kong with a friend for a week. I am getting more and more excited for that. It should be fun.

However, this whole time away for a year isn’t all roses. The job itself is often difficult, the language barrier is hard as well. The most difficult thing is neither of those two, rather it is deeply spiritual. Through this job and just my stay here, it has been very apparent to me that my spiritual discipline is very weak at best. I really don’t have an excuse for it. I’ve stopped reading the Bible, I’ve stopped memorizing verses, I’ve stopped praying, I’ve stopped reading other books, I’ve stopped listening to sermons and I’ve stopped going to Church. And I’ve noticed the effects far more clearly more than I did in Canada. I’ve also come to realize as well that this happens every so often or so, for about a month. It’s not that I don’t care, it feels like it’s more so that I’m running away from Jesus.  I don’t know why I am, I don’t necessarily have a good reason that I am. I know in my head, that I should run to him instead of away from him, however the rest of me refuses to believe that. The Cross, Jesus…. Grace looks WAY more terrifying when looking at it from a heart that has stepped away from the Gospel. So it’s time that I dug back in, not with my own strength for that is prone to fail and give up easily, but with the strength given by Grace. Jesus help me, not so much with the job but more so in diving into and enjoying You. Because dwelling in and enjoying You makes the joy flow into everything else. Help me.


Update from Korea! Woohoo!

And it’s a video!


After a week

I have now spent a week here in Korea, in a city named Jeongeup. Weather wise it’s really hot which would be fine if it was dry heat. But the humidity has been ridiculously high.

As soon as I entered into Korea I essentially began teaching at a summer camp. At least that’s what they called it, but it’s essentially summer school. the kids I’ve been teaching are really smart, they are definately picking up English really quickly. It’s pretty difficult trying to explain instructions but the co-teacher with me has been really really helpful. The kids are rather energetic.

When deciding to come here I had already realized and come to accept the fact that I would be viewed as a translator/a person that could speak fluent Korean. And I have not been disappointed.  On an almost daily basis, whenever I walk with my other foreign friends, the majority (99.9 percent really) of Koreans will talk to me in Korean as if I knew how to speak it. Thank goodness that I know how to laugh it off, otherwise this year might make me go absoultely insane….and bitter or something.

I’ve been here a little over two weeks and so far it has been a fairly good time. Obviously I’m not fully acclimated to it.  Although slowly and surely I’m becoming adjusted to it.

The food here has been delicious (for the most part…there have definately been some really bland dishes and some odd tasting ones, but none that i despise), there are plenty of vegetables but not that much protein, there are surprisingly quite a few pizza places here (including a dominoes pizza. There is also a Baskin Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts here as well. I’m slowly stockpiling kitchen stuff so that i don’t have to go out every day. I can’t wait to continue trying the food (live octopus soon hopefully!) here.  The beer here is tolerable, but I definately miss the ones from Peterborough (mmmm, the pursuit of hoppiness 😀 )

The city that I’m currently in is pretty small. with just over 120,000 people or so, it’s a city with a pretty smalltown/country feel to it. Not unlike the place I left in Canada, Peterborough. I’ve told my friends this, and my community this as well and one of my biggest worries that i had was just how  I would find a good solid community like the one I left in the Gathering. However, thank you for your prayers! God has answered and provided, I will very likely be going on a fairly regular basis to AICF or (Antioch International Christian Fellowship) in Jeonju. Jeonju is about 30-45 min away by bus (depending on the bus driver). The reason I say fairly regular basis is because the price for the bus ticket (there and back) plus taxi fare will be quite costly. but I hope to be able to attend at least a 3 times a month or so. They also have a Bible study that I hope to attend on Fridays (also going to ask around for a place to crash as well) which I’m definately looking forward to. I’ve already met some of the young men (as well as older families) and they are just fabulous. They enjoy Gospel-driven, Gospel-centered discussions and they get excited about Jesus. Which, after talking to them this past Sunday, has gotten me excited as well. To describe this in 10 words or less would go something like this: I am stoked to get to know them more. Thank you again for your prayers. They have been answered, and I ask that you continue to pray for me as well, and feel free to send me prayer requests as well.

This week has been really rainy, and the streets  and the river of Jeongeup are currently flooding. Which is crazy, I definately walked through the flooding, and now my shoes are soaked. I believe we are supposed to get heavy rain (thunderstorms really) until Sunday. So pray for the safety of the people within this city.

Anyway, I hope to update more when I get internet in my room (currently taking free wireless ). I hope by tomorrow but with the flooding it’s a little more difficult.


Prior to the journey.

Welcome one and all, to my new blog! In this place, I hope to blog, plog (haha thanks Andrea!) and vlog about my experiences that I will have in Korea. Be it funny, fun, frustrating etc. I hope to capture the beauty of it all.

I have 8 days (8 DAYS!) left in the lovely place of Canada. More importantly, in the lovely little town of Peterborough, where for the last 21 years or so I have called home. I’ll be honest, I’m excited to go somewhere new. I love to travel. At the same time however, I’m a little (a lot) saddened by the fact that I am leaving some of the most amazing people.

Because I will not be able to keep in touch with all of you, though I would seriously love to…mostly. This blog will be my way of letting you know what’s going on.

Honestly, I don’t know what to expect. One thing that has been pressing on my mind, that I would like to invite you to pray with me for, is the finding of a good, solid Godly community. Also that I would find myself being surrounded by some good Godly men. I do admit that this year at the Gathering, and at the Tuesday Night Hub, I have found myself surrounded by fiercely passionate men who love Jesus so very much. And for that I am so truly thankful.

Here’s to 8 more days here in the Canada. Time to make the most of it.


PS: The blog title is a combination of Hannah, Andrea and my own ideas for a title. Which means I seriously enjoyed your suggestions! 😀